Please put my iPhone down before it gets broken…

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Who hasn’t experienced this? Pic credit below.

I have a superb track record for breaking my iPhone. Smashing or cracking the screen is a particular speciality.

I had a near miss a couple of days ago. I was on the school run and had just got the kids into the car.

As I was bending over to put the toddler’s pushchair in the boot, my phone fell out of my pocket on to the road. On that occasion I was lucky, the phone was unharmed.

My children are another threat to the health of my phone. Like most parents, I quite regularly have to prise my phone out of the hands of my curious offspring, usually Toddler Adams. Thus far I haven’t had to pull my phone out of the lavatory bowl or bath. Even so, there have been a few near misses. Although I’ve been lucky, I know of people who have been left with extensive damage to their phones, courtesy of their kids.

When my iPhone has sustained damage, I have usually relied on the services of someone like iMend to put it right. I just find this way of doing things much more convenient than shipping my phone off for a repair that may take several days.

A further benefit of using iMend is that the company’s technicians actually visit you (be you at home or work) and will undertake the repair in your presence. The service is available in Scotland, Wales and England and the technician will always aim to complete the job in 30 minutes. You also won’t bill you if you’re not 100% happy.

Work is guaranteed for 12 months and as the work is done in your environment, you can rest assured data is safe. With many of us using our phones to access our bank accounts, the cloud and email, data security is paramount.

What are your experiences? What’s the craziest way you’ve broken a phone? More to the point, have your children broken your phone and if so, how did they do it?

Pic credit: Yorkali. Sourced from Pixabay.com. Reproduced under Creative Commons agreement.

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2 thoughts on “Please put my iPhone down before it gets broken…”

  1. Im ultra careful with my phones. Some would say maybes a bit obsessive, but my daughter on the other hand is so clumsy. Her very first tablet was an Archos one. She got it one Christmas and within 2 weeks she had leant on it and smashed the screen. Her next tablet was an iPad a few years later. She damaged the screen on that ( cant remember how though ). We got that repaired and within a few weeks, that went bouncing down the stairs and smashed the new screen and also damaged some circuitry inside. That had to be repaired again. Since then I made her use her own money and but a Griffin survivor case. These are brilliant things. Great for drops.
    My wife once went out drinking and put her bag on the cistern cover in the loo and her whole bag tipped over and emptied everything down the loo, including her brand new phone she had just upgraded to. As punishment I made her see out her entire contract with a really old motorola we had lying around. Not internet or anything. Just calls and text A massive downgrade. Shes not done it since.

    1. Oh my word, I hadn’t even thought about the kids damaing one of the tablets! We have aa Griffin case toofor the “family” iPad and it is marvellous. A great invention.

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