Keeping my eyes on the road with the RAC 03 dash cam.

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Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular among motorists. As the roads get more congested, many drivers are seeking to record what happens in case they are involved in an accident and also to keep a record in case they are a victim of insurance fraud.

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I take the RAC 03 dash cam out for a drive.

The RAC 03 dash cam from Proofcam is a reasonably new entrant to this market. It is one of several RAC-branded products the company makes.

What makes this one special is the way it is mounted in your vehicle. Most dash cams are mounted on the dashboard, not so the RAC 03. This model features stretchy rubber bands that allow it to be mounted on your rear view mirror.

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The dash cam mounted on the rear view mirror.

It is incredibly simple to use. You plug it into your 12v charger and this switches it on. All footage is recorded onto a micro SD card, and an 8GB card comes with the product. If you choose, however, you can rip material straight from the dash cam by plugging it into your PC.

dash cam, proof cam, dashboard camera, RAC 03 dash cam
The rear of the dash cam. Note the rubber bands that keep it in place.

It is essential you keep the dash cam plugged in. Although it does have a battery, it only lasts for 15 minutes. I couldn’t write this review without saying the power cable for this product is one of the longest I have ever seen! Just make sure you keep it tucked out of the way when in use so it doesn’t get in the way of your car’s controls.

There is only the one lens for shooting ahead of you. Some dash cams have another lens for recording what happens behind your vehicle. You may wish to keep this in mind when deciding what product might be best for you.

Other features include;

  • Speed camera warning system
  • Forward motion sensor to avoid accidents
  • Lane diversion warning, also to help avoid incidents
  • Microphone for recording audio inside your vehicle
  • GPS tracking to record speed and location

Using the menu buttons, you can alter various settings. You have the option to turn the microphone on or off, alter the resolution and vary how often the material on the memory card is overwritten.

I found the RAC 03 dash cam to be incredibly easy to use. The quality of the footage was also good, whether shot during the day or night.

You do need to pay attention when installing to ensure you don’t cover the lens. Also, you do need to keep that charging cable tucked away. Even so, these are only minor points.

If you are looking for a simple dash cam that is easy to use, the RAC 03 may be a sensible option for you. It is a straightforward piece of kite and widely available from retailers including Argos and the online RAC store. Expect to pay around £159.99.

Disclosure; Sample product provided for review purposes. Thoughts and opinions entirely my own. 

11 thoughts on “Keeping my eyes on the road with the RAC 03 dash cam.”

    1. It is larger than a traditional dash cam but it is a good piece of kit. I have enjoyed testing it out. Good luck making your purchase!

  1. Hey, is it possible to disable the speed warnings? Outhouse, what is the maximum you can set the speed warming to? I see the proofcam faq says they’ve updated the RAC 05 to 100 mph and was wondering if they’ve done the same for the 03.

    1. You can turn off the speed warnings, yes. Not sure if you can adjust what speed it warns you of though.

  2. How do you turn off the speed warnings and all the other continuous audible warnings that play tunes, makes you want to turn the whole thing off

  3. John, you don’t happen to still have the firmware update somewhere on your system from a long time ago? They have now deleted this on site and an email from them says they can’t send it me. I want it to stop it beeping at 70mph and above hope you can help if so please email it me or if you not got it suggest a way to get it pkease

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