Looking stylish in ES Workwear

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I make no secret of the fact that I am well into my clothes and male grooming. I would never judge anyone, but I sometimes come across dads who give little thought to their appearance or, worse still, simply get their other half to do all their clothes shopping.

ES Workwear, ES clothing
Next time I used my angle grinder, I hope to look this stylish.

The difficulty comes when you have a task to do which possibly requires getting dirty or where you need hardwearing clothes. For instance, the other week I was helping out serving food at my daughter’s school summer fair.

Could I wear an old t-shirt and old shirts as I might do when barbecuing home? No, I had to look presentable. I always wear old clothes when barbecuing at home as I cook on charcoal and the smell lingers.

I can also find myself busy in the garden or doing home maintenance. If I’m running late, I may have to dash straight off to collect my youngest from pre-school, no matter what I am wearing.

I recently came across the clothing company ES Workwear. As you can gather from the name, it is a workwear specialist. That said, I’ve never come across workwear that looks quite so stylish.

From sportswear, catering clothes and gardening gear to dungarees and hardwearing jeans and shorts for both men and women, ES Workwear provides the lot. It’s well worth taking a look at the range if you need hardwearing clothes that look good.

The site has given me loads of inspiration. Next time I go looking for practical clothes to suit my lifestyle as a stay at home dad, I may very well check in with ES Strauss.

Disclosure; this is a commissioned post.

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