Keeping your hands clean with PumpPal

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The PumpPal. A simple way to keep your hands clean…and avoid the children getting grumpy.

Anyone that’s spilled diesel on their hands while filling up their vehicle will no doubt relate to what a horrible experience it is. It happened to me recently when both my kids were in the car.

Shortly afterwards they started demanding food. This was awkward because the stench of the fuel was clearly still wafting up from my hands and anything I touched would have been contaminated. The result was grumpy children, ideal during a car journey (note the sarcasm).

Help is at hand in the form of a nifty little device called the PumpPal. It’s really simple to use, you simply slip it over the pump trigger, stand back and let the vehicle fill up (just a quick safety note; it’s not recommended for use with portable containers and you shouldn’t leave the vehicle unattended while fuelling takes place).

When the tank is full, it will activate the pump’s auto shut-off function. You can then remove the PumpPal and head off to pay with no risk of getting fuel on your hands or making the kids grumpy. Apparently it’s particularly useful for anyone that lives with arthritis.

Prior to discovering the PumpPal, I had seen lorry drivers using something similar. It’s great to see that something now exists for the non-commercial driver.

The PumpPal is very cheap. It’s only £9.99 and available in a range of colours; pink, blue, black and green.

Should you be interested, you can find out more by visiting the PumpPal website. You can also buy PumpPal from the site or alternatively ask any questions via twitter @pumppal.



Disclosure; This post was produced in collaboration with PumpPal. To see my Disclosure policy, please follow this link.

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