Misty sunrise

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A misty sunrise over the North Downs on the Surrey / Sussex borders

One morning earlier this week I noticed the sun has risen over some nearby hills. It was incredibly misty. This gave the sun a slightly eerie feel while also enhancing the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

I took a couple of shots on my camera and checked them on the LCD screen but wasn’t overly impressed. I took another shot with my phone and posted it on Instagram. Instagram when wild for the image. As the rest of the world was quite taken by the shot, I gave it a quick crop and a tiny edit and added it to the #MySundayPhoto linky (click on the badge below for to see some awesome photography).

Are you holding tight? Are you ready for the technical details? Well here you go; ISO was 100, exposure time 1/200 of a second, focal length 55mm and aperture f7.1.

Do you like the image? Do you find it a bit eerie? Perhaps you see the natural beauty? Please leave a comment below, I’d love to know your thoughts.



23 thoughts on “Misty sunrise”

  1. I love the mist and the sunlight trying to push through- great capture! I can definitely imagine a dark figure emerging from the trees. #MySundayPhoto

    1. Ah, now this shot was taken with my DSLR, not my phone. I took a different shot with my phone (but of the same landscape). Glad you like it.

    1. I agree Lisa. It was very strange, a few hours later it was all gone. I thought thta mist would be around all day.

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