Playing with shadows

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Last week I took the family to East Sussex on its first ever camping expedition. While there, we visited the De La Warr Pavillion in East Sussex.

The pavilion is a renowned cultural centre and within it was an exhibition by cinematographer John Stezaker. In a darkened room, three of Stezaker’s films were being shown on a loop.

Toddler Adams and her older sister Helen were fascinated by this, in particular Helen who used it as an opportunity to play shadow puppets. This is probably not what the artist imagined or expected but, hey, they’re kids, right? They’ll do what they please in these situations.

In this shot, Helen, on the right, is pretending to be a digger in front of a screen showing Stezaker’s 2012 film Horse. Toddler Adams, is, I think, simply staring in wonderment at the screen. I like it simply because the two silhouettes are quite striking.

For you detail junkies, shutter speed was 1/20, aperture set at f4.5 and ISO 1600. The original image was colour but I converted it to black and white.

Have you ever taken your kids to modern instillations and how have they behaved? Did they get it, or did it bore them? Or, like my two, did they re-interpret it in their own special way?


25 thoughts on “Playing with shadows”

  1. Brilliant photo. I think I’d probably have been joining Helen tbh. Not sure I’d take N to a modern art exhibition, but then he doesn’t get that excited about classical paintings either. When we went round Compton Verney, he spent most of it sprawling over the benches in the exhibit rooms.

    1. There is indeed something amazing about shadows. Glad I got this shot, though it took a few attempts.

  2. Adventures of a Novice Mum

    Such lovely silhouettes … don’t you just love children’s imagination? It’ll be interesting to take my toddler to an installation; I wonder how he will react to it. 🙂 #aNoviceMumCommentLuv

  3. Great shot, John. Our kids sadly don’t have the patience for viewing art, although they love creating their own. I have to admit that, although I love y modern art, I do struggle to ‘get’ a lot of installation art. I must be getting old …

    1. Actually Tim, I think you have standards. I do love a good piece of modern art but a lot of it is utter trash. I would probably have passed this insitalltion by had it not been for the kids having such fun with it.

  4. We visited Bristol Museum before and my son loves the area where there are jars more than the mummies and paintings.

    This is an amazing photo. You have captured them on their most imaginative / creative moment =) #mysundayphoto

  5. The starkness of the silhouettes contrasting the playfulness the situation is very appealing here, I can imagine them having a fab time in the vast space in the museum.
    We have taken them to museums and I find after lunch, on a full tummy, is when I get their best attention!

  6. I love this photo! We’ve taken the kids to similar places and I’d say it certainly makes them think about what they are seeing!

    1. They just seemed to want to interact with it! I’m not sure that’s what the artist intended but they were having great fun.

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