Review; Dreambaby adjustable car window shade

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Dreambaby, car window shades

When it comes to car window shades, we have usually cut corners and bought cheap products. When given the option to try these better quality, heavy-duty items from Dreambaby, I couldn’t say no.

Although sturdier than anything we’ve previously used, this pair of blinds (we were provided with two) is not particularly expensive. This twin pack can be bought online for less than £10.

Having established they’re good value for money, I took a good look at the materials they’re made from. The shade material itself is some kind of plastic/rubber material, much better than the cheap, easy-to-rip netting many are made from.

It operates in a similar way to a roller blind. You pull the shade down to block out the sun and press a small button to retract it. Plastic suckers hold the shade in place and they do the job very well.

Something worth mentioning is the size of these shades. They’re around 37.5cm wide and 48cm long. This is okay for a small vehicle, but if you have a larger car you may want to buy the extra wide version of this product.

To make sure these Dreambaby shades really were up to the job, I handed them over to my two daughters to have a play with. Various experiments were conducted as they figured out how to use them and, amongst other things, stuck them to the living room window. The shades survived this trial and sustained no damage, further proving they are solidly built.

For the price, this seems like a very good product indeed. The shades seem well built and hardwearing. The kids also seemed to like them. This was a bonus as we’ve had issues in the past with the children ripping window shades off because they objected to them (…for whatever reason).

You can buy the Dreambaby adjustable window shade roll up two pack from a variety of retailers including Amazon and Shop4Kids.co.uk.

Disclosure: I was provided with this product to review. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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