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Croydon Town Hall. One of the more aesthetically pleasing parts of Croydon. Pic credit below.

The other day I appeared on a radio show called Made in Croydon. The show was broadcast on Croydon Radio following the recent publication of my book, A modern father (…and dad blogger), which was produced in partnership with a publisher hailing from that part of London called CronxBooks.

The interview was a bit like Desert Island Disks, but sexier. I got to choose three songs; one reflective, one ambitious and one inspirational and spoke about what they mean to me. I won’t reveal what songs I chose, but they were all classics, even if I say so myself.

Along the way the presenter, Ally McKinlay, and I discussed; fatherhood, my book and being a stay at home dad. In a candid moment I also let slip I dodged being drafted into the French military (yes, really!).

To listen to thge podcast, follow this link:

Pic credit: Taddie 88. Sourced from Wikipedia and reproduced under Creative Commons agreement.

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