Our adopted scarecrow children

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Allow me to introduce the latest additions to our family. These two scarecrows have been placed among our potatoes to guard them from, well, crows and other birds.

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The two scarecrows we now have in our garden. They’re great fun, but I’m not sure what the neighbours think.

They were sent to me earlier this week and the box containing them had been left unopened in the conservatory. The aim had been to wait until the start of the summer holidays before opening the box, but after a little too much screen time yesterday, Helen and Izzy asked if they could open the box.

It seemed like a good way to get them outside and I’m glad I said yes as the kids thought the scarecrows were amazing. They had great fun playing with them. Confusingly, they named one on the right Izzy and the one on the left Helen.

The only problem we have now is that it can very disconcerting looking down the garden and seeing these two staring back at you. More than once Mrs Adams and I have done a double take, mistaking a scarecrow for an unwanted visitor! Goodness knows what the neighbours must think.

Thanks to the guys from Waltons Sheds for sending me the scarecrows. They’ve certainly livened up our vegetable patch.

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26 thoughts on “Our adopted scarecrow children”

    1. There’s still time Darren, there’s still time! It may happen in time for another week’s #MySundayPhoto

  1. Tracey Abrahams

    They look quite fabulous although I have read far too many horror books to ever have scarecrows in my garden ???? #mysundayphoto

    1. Thankfully, Tracey, I have never read a scarecrow horror story. I’ll make a note not to while these two are around!

  2. Hi John, I love these scarecrows, but they look for too nice to be sitting in the garden. Your daughters choice of names have to make you smile (as I’;m sure this happy looking pair do too). I’m slightly jealous that you have spuds growing in the garden, they are a crop we have never had much luck with. I’m sure you’ll have a bumper crop with these two watching over it.


    1. They are the best dressed, best presented scarecrows I have ever seen, I must say. Sorry to hear you don’t have much luck with potatoes. I’ll send some over to you if you like?

  3. They’d definitely make me jump for a while too but they look so happy! There’s a scarecrow competition every year not too far from us and this year they have a David Bowie and an Elvis….I really should take pics of them 🙂

  4. Paul @ Topsy Turvy Tribe

    Love the scarecrows, hope they do a good job on the birds but I too would be rather disturbed seeing them peeking at me from the corner of my eye!

    1. Yeah, I’m kinda thinking I might hide one in a cupboard or something, let Mrs Adams find it for a joke! Who knows, she might see the funny side.

  5. These are actually fantastic!! I usually find them a bit creepy but quite like these. Also, great way to get the girls outside. Wonderful photo! Look forward to seeing tomorrow’s photo!  #mysundayphoto

    1. Yeah, creepy but fun about sums it up. They’re awesome but looking down the garden does result in a double take as you think there’s an intruder.

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