Find a matching pair of kids’ socks? You must be joking!

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The collection of odd socks I recently threw out.

Socks have been a semi regular issue for this family. If mine aren’t going missing, the kids are.

For some reason, Toddler Adams had it worst of all. Some mornings I would struggle to get a pair together for her.

In fact missing socks could sometimes be a source of major stress, especially if I couldn’t get pair together on a week day. I’d have the eldest all ready to head out the door to school at 8am. Little sister, meanwhile, would be just about ready. She’d be dressed and ready save for socks and shoes. I’d look at her sock collection and find myself staring at a random assortment of socks, all of them different colours and styles but none of them matching.

Failing to have a pair of matching socks could be enough to bring the whole morning routine to juddering and dramatic halt. It happened on more than one occasion and it did nothing for my blood pressure.

One day I got sick of this disorganisation and just threw all Toddler Adams’ socks out. I replaced them with 10 pairs of identical white socks. Now I personally never wear white socks but I think they’re perfectly acceptable for a two year old girl.

My somewhat dramatic approach worked wonders. Even if socks were separated in the wash, it didn’t matter. I simply paired them up with another random white sock and, voila, I had created a pair.

Only thing is, my plan recently fell apart. You see Mrs Adams, with all the best intentions, went on a sock buying spree. She bought Toddler Adams several new pairs of socks. They featured a few different designs and colours.

In addition to the plain white socks, she now has socks with various different designs. They all have to be paired up and, well, you can guess what’s already happened, can’t you? Yup, they’ve gone into the wash at different times and several of these new pairs are, well, they’re no longer pairs.

Slowly but surely we’re sliding back to a sock apocalypse. In a year or so I can see myself throwing the whole lot out and starting again. Maybe this is simply the natural life cycle of children’s socks and I have to accept it.

What’s your approach to your kids’ socks? How do you manage the situation to ensure they always have a perfect pair of their feet?

6 thoughts on “Find a matching pair of kids’ socks? You must be joking!”

  1. Oh socks, socks, socks…where are you?! What I’ve noticed is my kids take their socks off randomly – and not both at once – all over the house so it’s a constant search for where they might have discarded them.

    1. Yes, my kids do similar. Or in the car, whcih just drioves me to distraction! You arrive at your destination and have to get down into the footwell to find the things.

  2. Oh dear! I feel your pain! 10 pairs of identical socks is a great way forward while you can still get away with it. My younger son is my main source of trouble because he likes colourful and patterned socks, but has a habit of taking them off in random places. He recently got a rather expensive set of Angry Birds socks for his birthday which he is trying so hard to hang on to, but he announced this morning that they’re already getting separated 🙁

  3. I sympathise, however, the problem I have is all my own doing as I take responsibility for the laundry in my household. There is a certain satisfaction though when it comes to putting washing away and marrying up all those odd pairs 🙂

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