Summertime in Central Scotland

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Last week the family and I went on a merry jaunt to Scotland (…you’ll be able to read about it on the blog very soon). While there, I managed to leave the kids with my in-laws and sneak away for an hour with my camera and new telephoto lens.

Scotland, Campsies, summertime in Scotland
The Campsies in central Scotland, as pictured using my new telephoto lens.Scotland

I took myself to a glorious spot that I’ve attempted to photograph many a time with a standard 18mm-55mm lens. The results have always been poor. With an 18mm-200mm lens, however, I was able to capture the scenery as I wanted to.

I may be mistaken, but I believe the hills in the distance are the Campsies, a range found in the central belt of Scotland. What I like about the pictures, however, is the greens of all the lush land in the foreground and gun-metal grey of the sky. The mixture of the two represent perfectly a Scottish summer!

Photography geeks may be interested to know that ISO was set at 100, focal length 91mm, aperture f7.1 and exposure time 1/200sec. As I say, it was taken with 18mm-200mm lens.

As is my tradition on a Sunday, I have linked this to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the glorious @Photalife blog. Visit the blog and linky by clicking on the badge below.


34 thoughts on “Summertime in Central Scotland”

  1. Fantastic photo. I like all the distinct bands of colour. Like you, I’ve always struggled with landscape photography. Every year, I try to capture the perfect Padstow landscape and it’s always such a poor imitation of reality.

    1. Yeah the bands of colour were unintentional but they come out well in the image I think. That new lens was worth every penny!

    1. Yes indeed, Scotland is full of beautiful places to visit and photograph. It quite often features as a subject in my #MySundayPhoto images.

  2. I bought the same lens last week and used it at a wedding reception last night! I LOVE it! It now means I don’t have to keep chopping and changing all the time – although I of course want a much longer range now! 😉 It is a great landscape you have taken, beautiful countryside.

  3. Stunning scenery, I really want to visit Scotland (rather embarrassed that I’ve been to New Zealand but not north of the border!). So pleased you were able to get away for an hour and play with your news lens. Happy times 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

    1. Everybody should spend time in Scotland. Although I do have an advantage when it comes to visiting; I married Scotland!

  4. Fab photo. I love this lens. It’s on my camera all the time. I’ll look out for your Scotland post. We’re off to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait!!

    1. Thanks, glad you recognise it as the Scotland you are familair with. I needed the new lens to make this picture a reality.

    1. Oh yeah, Fort William would provide some superb photographic opportunities. I fear I haven’t been up to the Highlands for a very long time though. Rarely get the chance to go much further than the central belt.

  5. What a lovely view, cant beat a good telephoto lens for capturing better scenery. Thank you for the camera setttings info, just realised I didn’t put that information on my post this week, fail! #MySundayPhoto

    1. I’ve wanted a telephoto lens for ages and now I have one, I’m going to be doing a lot of landscape shots I think.

  6. An interesting lens choice considering you already have a lens that does a part of that range. But then again I do a lot more bird photography so my 55-250mm gives me just that extra bit of zoom and I too wish it had more. I want to know how you find the lenses compare for the 18-55mm range and if you’ll ever pull out your old lens to use again or not. Love the shot, it’s a stunning landscape but it does look cold.

    1. Oh yes, I’ve been using the 55mm lens a lot. Apart from anything else, it’s a good lens for vlogging. Although naturally I now need an even bigger lens!

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