My Sunday Photo, 27 July, 2014

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My Sunday Photo, #MySundayPhoto, blogging, photography, toddlers
My Sunday Photo, 27 July, 2014, #MySundayPhoto


This, my friends, is what happens when your oldest child practices her face painting skills on her younger sibling. Yes, that’s poor old Toddler Adams having had her face painted by Helen, her older sister.

Helen had been promised a face painting kit as a treat. A couple of weeks back, after school, we went out and bought one, Helen declaring that her younger sister would not be getting her face painted. I knew she’d never stick to this declaration and I was proved correct.

The other day we were playing with the kit and, sure enough, Toddler Adams wanted in on the action. If you think she looks bad, you should see how I looked after Helen painted me up to look like a pirate with a ginormous eye patch.

The picture was taken using portrait mode. Regarding editing, I’ve increased the clarity and sharpness ever so slightly. I’ve also used a soft focus filter and placed it in a frame.

I have linked this image to OneDad3Girls #MySundayPhoto linky. Go on, follow the link and have a look. It’s well worth a visit.

14 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo, 27 July, 2014”

  1. Hehe Awww bless Toddler Adams for sitting there patiently long enough to have her sister paint her face ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. mummy ms memories

    Yes I can see a pirate resemblance… a hat?? and a beard?? Toddler Adams doesn’t look too impressed though. #mysundayphoto

  3. Oh I love this; this made me giggle as I can just imagine the amount of black Helen must’ve used in order to make you look like a pirate! My Mademoiselle did a similar things recently, although she actually stripped to the waste and self-body painted! #sundayphoto

  4. Caroline Hooper (My Family Ties)

    It has that pirate look about it , with the beard as well, she is such a beauty as well, next week put the photo of you up as a pirate!

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