Praise the child and make someone’s day

Few things can lift my spirits more than a word or two of praise about my children. It doesn’t have to be much, merely a passing comment that my kids are polite can make my day.

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A few words of praise about my kids can really make my day. Could us mums and dads maybe be a bit more positive about each other’s children?

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Subway® helps bring NFL to London…..and Horley

If you’re going to introduce youngsters to a new sport, there’s one way to make it appealing: Close the traffic on London’s Piccadilly, build a huge ball pit on this hugely important thoroughfare and allow kids to jump into the pit with the promise of prizes for everyone who takes part. Thanks to Subway®, this is exactly how I recently spent a Saturday afternoon.

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Helen and I, guests of Subway®, strike a pose at the NFL Kickoff in Piccaddilly event.

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The Great Homework Debate

A chance remark by a comedian has re-ignited the debate about homework. It’s a bit of a perennial this one. Rather like the school sports day issue, it’s a bonfire that never quite goes out quite, its embers flaring up from time to time.

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Casting my eye over my daughter’s homework diary. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep a straight face while taking a self portrait.

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Simple pleasures for modern dads this Father’s Day

What do you think dads really want for Father’s Day? If you thought a ticket to a football match, socks or ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mug then it might be a good idea to think again.

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Izzy holds out a handmade father’s Day card in a handmade envelop. I’ll get to open it on the day itself.

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Dealing with the ‘post school slump’

After years of doing the school run, I have identified a new phenomenon. I call it the ‘post school slump’ and I’m wondering if this is something other mums and dads face too?

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The post school slump: Get me out of here and take me to the park. Don’t speak to me on the way, but feel free to buy me an ice cream.

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