Don’t doubt yourself dad, just be awesome

As we near Father’s Day, I’ve been getting increasingly reflective about my journey as a father. A question I’m often asked is whether I think fathers are taken more seriously now, compared to when I became a dad myself.

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Don’t doubt your abilities as a dad. You’re not a babysitter and mums don’t have to do everything. Just be….awesome.

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A confident parent makes mistakes

Confidence is a strange old thing. Over recent weeks I’ve found myself wondering what makes a confident parent and questioning where my own confidence comes from.

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To become a confident parent, you have to make mistakes.

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When parenting failure leads to success…in a weird kind of way

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Yeah, this picture kind of encapsultes how I felt on the way home from the swimming pool (a comment about myself, not my children). Pic credit below.

Helen, my eldest child, had a little upset the other day. She was involved in an activity that proved too much for her and she had to pull out. The way she did it, however, made me fell incredibly proud and taught me a few parenting lessons. View Post