Diggerland: The theme park that never ceases to amaze

Diggerland is a theme park that never ceases to amaze me. It is a unique concept but it’s one that works and my family have been several times to the Diggerland park in Kent.

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Helen gets to work at Diggerland in Kent, using a small digger to scoop out bricks that have been hidden in the ground.
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What you need to know about Kidzania London

There is no question that Kidzania is a unique experience. You have a very good idea what to expect when going to most theme parks, museums and other attractions. When you’re told you’ll be visiting “an indoor city run by kids,” the possibilities are endless and possibly make you feel a little nervous!

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A visit to Kidzania London begins with everyone being issued boarding passes,
Kidzos and a special bracelet.
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Sunflower in decay

Sometimes beauty can be found in the strangest places. This image, for instance, is of a decaying sunflower. It was one of thousands of plants that made up a maze I visited with Izzy, my youngest daughter, earlier this week. I visited the same spot a few times over the summer months and back then, this sunflower would have been at least two metres tall, with a bright yellow head full of seeds.

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A decaying sunflower. I found there was something captivating about the shapes and outline of this plant as it slowly rots.

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Making time for relaxation and getting away from it all

I’m not the kind of person who really does a huge amount of relaxation. I should, I know I should, but I’m one of those individuals who is, generally, always up to something. During the summer, the kids and I got away from it all for a few days and it was a glorious experience. At my age I should be very aware of the transformative power of a few days rest, but I just don’t do it enough. Poor excuse though it is, finding the time when you have young children is difficult.

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North Leigh Roman Villa in the Cotswolds. Pic credit: Steve Daniels.

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Peacock butterfly takes a rest

When you’re out with your camera and something as colourful as this butterfly comes into view, it would be criminal not to take the picture. This image was taken on my recent trip to Mayfield Lavender Farm and I did much more than take one image. I followed this butterfly around for ages taking snaps as it flew from plant to plant because I was so mesmerised by its colourful wings.

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A stunningly beautiful peacock butterfly that I snapped as it flew from plant to plant at Mayfield Lavender Farm.

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