Can a recumbent exercise bike provide a good workout?

I never thought I’d use a recumbent bike. I’ll be quite frank, they’ve always looked a bit too relaxing to provide a full workout. Over the past couple of months, however, I’ve been using a Domyos E-Seat recumbent exercise bike and it’s become my main form of aerobic exercise. There’s a bit of a story as to why, so indulge me for a moment.

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Here I am, using the Domyos E-Seat recumbent bike. With my running days over, has this proven to be a good alternative?
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Christmas gift ideas 2018

May I ask how your Christmas preparations are going? I am just turning my mind to it now. I’ve written a list of gifts to buy and have started writing cards. I’m also going to be arranging for us to participate in a ‘reverse advent’ so we donate something to a nearby charity each day on the run up to December 25.

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We’re not quite in ‘last minute’ territory, but there isn’t long until Christmas so here are some gift ideas. Pic credit: Kari Shea on Unsplash.

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#SportForEverybody and the Domyos compact DS bodyweight rack from Decathlon

Sport can be quite a polarising subject. I find that some people love sport, while others abhor physical exercise. The #SportForEveryBody campaign from Decathlon aims to show that sport is just that, for everybody.

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Members of Decathlon’s Blogger Community proving that sport is for everybody.

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Out for a run, with Decathlon

When Izzy started school, I saw it as an opportunity to pay more attention to my wellbeing. I wanted to take more exercise, improve my diet and start getting up at a sensible time each day as I had got into a habit of rising at 5am and this was leaving me feeling very tired.

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The Running Man! Here I am, resplendent in Kalenji long-sleeved running t-shirt from Decathlon. Now Izzy is at school, I’m concentrating more on my health and fitness.

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