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A healthy lifestyle for dad

I’ve had to admit an awkward truth to myself. It’s one many a parent of young children will probably relate to: I need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Making a costume: I got it wrong again

Remember the blog post I wrote the other day about the costume my daughter needed for her school’s ancient Greek day? How it inspired me and how I was going to improve on my track record of creating duff costumes? It wasn’t so simple. Despite all my efforts, this one also turned out to be

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Snow day selfie

As with many schools across the land, Helen’s was closed on Friday thanks to the snowfall. Naturally there was only one thing to do: get outside and play in it.

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Starting school: Is my youngest child ready?

We’ve reached a strange milestone in this household. At four years and two months, Izzy, our youngest daughter, has just reached the age her older sister was when she started school. In other words, we’re preparing to jump on the ‘starting school’ roller coaster all over again.

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