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As with many schools across the land, Helen’s was closed on Friday thanks to the snowfall. Naturally there was only one thing to do: get outside and play in it.

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Helen and I enjoying the snow together on Friday.

We built a huge snowman and had great fun simply throwing ourselves down any snow covered gradient we could find. We also went sledging, although I use the term loosely.

Our previous sledge broke and I haven’t yet got around to replacing it so we had to improvise. I got a piece of laminated chipboard, drilled some holes in it and fed some rope through the holes so they could be used as handles.

There was a little trial and error as we figured out the best way to get the sledge to work. Eventually we mastered the technique: if you lay down flat on the board it would fly down hill at great speed.

Helen and I stopped for a moment to take a quick picture. Although Izzy and Mrs Adams had been with us, they’d retired home because of the cold so it was just the two of us left playing outside in a nearby park.

It’s a quick phone snap that I took in colour, but I’ve flipped it to black and white. I think portraits like this work well in monochrome.

I’ve added the picture to the #MySundayPhoto linky that’s hosted by the Photalife.com blog. It’s a fantastic photographic linky that you can visit by clicking on the badge below.



22 thoughts on “Snow day selfie”

    1. Maybe you have your own micro-climate? As it happens, we do seem to live in a micro-climate in the North Downs. We get snow every year, albeit normally only a small amount. It being so hilly, it can be enough to bring everything to a standstill.

  1. Blimey how much snow did you get?? We usually get loads but we only had about an inch or so and had to go to school. Boo! Lovely happy photo though 🙂

  2. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Great selfie and it sounds like you both had such a fantastic time out in the snow too. Xx #mysundyphoto

    1. Ah, selfies can go a bit wrong sometimes. You should have seen Izzy’s reaction when approached a life size Olaf a couple of years ago. Just as I took the pic she lost the plot, bit time. Didn’t make for a good selfie that one.

  3. That’s a lovely shot. And gtrwt fun out in the snow. Loving the homemade sledge idea. We didn’t have more than a dusting which I’m quite relieved about although it is sad that the kids don’t get to play in it

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