Brighton’s West Pier: One photo, two edits

This week has been all about photography. In addition to attending the Bedrooms Of London photography exhibition, I spent a day in Brighton with Darren Coleshill of the Photalife blog. Together we strolled around the Marina, sea font and city centre with our cameras. It was during our time together I took this image of what remains of Brighton’s iconic West Pier, which was destroyed by fire in 2003.

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A long-exposure image of Brighton’s West Pier taken using an 10-stop ND filter.
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Long exposure photography using Christmas lights!

Take an over-excited blogger, give him a camera, a tripod and some Christmas lights and see what happens.

long expsoure photography, photography, Christmas tree lights, LEd lights, LED, dadbloguk, dad blog uk, school run dad
Christmas tree lights can look very pretty when photographed using a
long exposure time.
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Playing with lighting and a fast shutter speed

There are two elements of photography I have rarely experimented with: Lighting and a fast shutter speed. This week I combined the two to take this image of coloured water splashing out of a glass. By my own admission, it is a little rough and ready, but I don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt.

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A syringe filled with blue food colouring is fired into a Champagne flute full of water. Taking this image was only possible using a fast shutter speed.

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A long lost image of Salford Quays

You know that irritating feeling when you know you’ve taken an awesome photograph, but can’t find it anywhere? Be it a computer file, memory card, stored on the cloud somewhere, you just can’t find that picture. That’s what happened to this image of Salford Quays in Manchester.

Salford Quays, Manchester, Media City, Dadbloguk, dad blog uk, uk dad blog, school run dad, photography

I knew I had taken this long-exposure image of Salford Quays, but had totally forgotten where I’d saved it!

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London’s Square Mile at night

If you like bright, colourful lights, I think you’ll like this picture. It’s a long-exposure shot of the Square Mile in Central London taken from Hayes Galleria on the south side of the River Thames.

River Thames, long exposure, photography, MySUndayPhoto, dadbloguk,, dad blog uk, long exposure photography

A long-exposure image of the Square Mile in London featuring 20 Fenchurch Street and the Leadenhall Building.

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