A long lost image of Salford Quays

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You know that irritating feeling when you know you’ve taken an awesome photograph, but can’t find it anywhere? Be it a computer file, memory card, stored on the cloud somewhere, you just can’t find that picture. That’s what happened to this image of Salford Quays in Manchester.

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I knew I had taken this long-exposure image of Salford Quays, but had totally forgotten where I’d saved it!

I knew I’d taken this picture when I last visited Manchester. I took it the same evening I took this shot of the Imperial War Museum North. Try as I might, however, I couldn’t find the picture anywhere.

Eventually my searching proved fruitful. It was on a memory card, but tucked away in an obscure folder. This kind of thing happens to me so often I think I may have to take a close look at my filing system!

Enough of me rambling on about the lost and found. It’s a long exposure shot with the camera mounted on a tripod. From memory it was a 25 or 30 second exposure time. I know the building in the centre of the shot was a restaurant or bar as loud music was playing and revelers were coming out as I was taking the picture.

I love the lights and contrast in this picture. Despite the fact it’s night time, there’s a surprising amount of colour in the image.

I will be linking this picture up to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the Photalife blog. It’s well worth visiting if you enjoy photography. Simply click on the badge below and it’ll take you straight to the linky.



26 thoughts on “A long lost image of Salford Quays”

  1. Glad you found it’s a stunning shot I have never been to Salford quays but this definitely encourages me to visit at nighttime #mysundayphoto

  2. I’ve made many trips to Salford quays and I cannot believe how much has changed over the past 19 years. I also spend many hours searching for certain photo’s for my sunday photo posts, so I feel your frustration. Lovely clear, crisp image

    1. Oh yeah, I can well imagine Salford has changed. I lived up North many years ago and was an occasional visitor to Manchester but not Salford. I’ve seen how much Manchester has changed and I love the place. It also photogrpahs very well!

    1. Odd that it would work upside down but I think I timed it just right. Thanks for commenting Emma and delighted you liked the picture.

    1. Now the water was moving slightly. the reason it looks so still is because of the long exposure time. Glad you liked it Darren. I think it’s a very photogenic area.

    1. I think the weatehr conditions helped Victoria. Very glad to hear you liked the reflection. Took a few attempts, but I think it works.

  3. Hi John, OooOOoo this is a beauty! The reflection is almost perfect. The lighting, the colours and the shapes all make for a very detailed photo. I’ve not dabbled with long exposure photography yet, but your photos are making me think that maybe I should give it a go!… So glad to read that I’m not the only disorganised photo keeper. I started transferring photos that I wanted to keep but hadn’t had time to edit into desktop folders thinking that would nudge me into sorting them. Now I have a desktop full of folders. It has even occurred to me that maybe I should just delete and start again, but then I may delete that one photo I really want to keep.



    1. Yes, that’s the dilemma isn’t it? To start again and risk loosing one magnificent image? Personally Debs, I’d stay gloriously disorganised if I were you!

      Very kind words about the photograph, especially coming from someone whose photography I greatly admire.

  4. Salford quays is not the prettiest of places but you make it look so stunning and that reflection is so good. You should contact them with this photo!!

    1. You’re putting ideas in my head! I must admit, I’ve never really strayed from Media City but it’s great for night time shots.

    1. Shame, hope you get the chance to take photos there another time. I’ve taken a few images around Salford Quays before and think it’s a great spot.

  5. Yes, there is lots of color in this shot and I’m always fascinated with using a remote on bulb because I rarely do it. It’s a sparkling photo with all sorts of shapes and lines, I’m glad you found it. Am in week two of the great photo clean up and I’ve yet to find the photo or videos I’m looking for.

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