Equality and Human Rights Commission promotes flexible working to dads and employers

This International Men’s Day, I’m doing something a bit special. You may find me gracing your small screen at some point as I feature in a video recorded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to encourage men to consider flexible working.

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A still image from the video Helen, Izzy and I appeared in to promote the benefits of flexible working.

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An exciting arrival: The Sunggler sofa from Harveys Furniture

Many things can cause young children and family members to become excited. A wedding, the arrival of a newborn baby, a birthday celebration, success in exams or something of that ilk. To my great surprise, you can add the arrival of a new sofa to that list.

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As you can see, I have made good friends with our new Snuggler sofa.

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Apps, games and tech: Another screen time battle

I’ve written many a times about my dislike of children having too much screen time. I’ve noticed, however, that a new front has opened-up in the battle for my kids’ eyes.

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Screen time: It’s no longer about television and films. It’s about games and apps and limiting access isn’t easy. Photo credit: Pan Xiaozhen on Unsplash

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Hints and tips for making the school summer holidays run smoothly

For some time now, I have been making preparations for the school summer holidays. This break is particularly significant as our youngest daughter, Izzy, will be starting school in September.

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The six week school summer holidays: it’s about having fun, getting a good sun tan and living in a messy house.

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Giveaway! Win two tickets to the Wimbledon Ladies’ Finals

As a family, we’ve steadily got more and more into tennis over the years. It is one way we keep fit and it’s a sport my daughters have developed a real love for.  I am, therefore, delighted to be giving readers a chance to win an epic prize: two tickets to the ladies’ finals at this year’s Wimbledon championships.

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Can you tell which tennis superstar is hiding underneath that beard and wig?

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