“Daddy, will you come on the rollercoaster with me?”

Just before the end of the Christmas holidays, we found ourselves at a theme park. It was the last chance to have fun before having to update homework diaries, clean school shoes, put together school uniform and write the final few thank you letters.

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The rollercoaster. One of those elements of childhood I had long waved goodbye to, hoping never to experience again. Pic credit below.
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Tablet technology; great for balancing work and family life

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Tablet and all in one devices have been great for people like me, allowing us to work from home and combine this with our family commitments.

Blogging has been a great for me. Although I never intended things to work out this way when I started Dadbloguk, it’s enabled me to establish my own business and develop a new career that I can fit around both my children and family commitments.

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Guest post; Is nursery right if you’re a SAHP?

Tracy Fletcher is author of the My Working Mummy blog, her diary of a working mum aged 44 (and counting). A relative newcomer to the blogging scene, Tracy’s blog was inspired by leaving behind a senior corporate career to be, first and foremost, a mum. In this guest post, she shares her search for a better work life balance, as well as recording this special time with her family, and is keen to reach out to others facing similar experiences and challenges. In this post she writes about the dilema of placing your child in nursery if you are a stay at home parent.

Is it right to put your child in nursery while you’re a s.a.h parent?
This is exactly the moral dilemma I’ve been wrestling with for the past month. It’s now just over three months since I left my high velocity full-time role as a senior communications manager, to prioritise being a mum. View Post

My book; A modern father (…and dad blogger)

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The book cover to A modern father (…and dad blogger) by John Adams. Photo credit Ania Wilk-Lawton (see below)

Having started Dadbloguk as a digital venture, I have gone back in time and entered the analogue age!* Yes, after 18-long months I am pleased to say that I have written and published a book; A modern father (…and dad blogger).

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I am not a househusband


That’s my wife, on the right with the net curtains.

For the first time in my life I have been called a “househusband”. I found it a horrible experience and it left me feeling enormous sympathy for women who, for generations, have had to tolerate being referred to as housewives.

I’m sure many people are perfectly happy with both phrases. I, however, don’t like the idea. It suggests I’m married to a piece of real estate. Humans marry humans, not houses. View Post