The Christmas decorations are up

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I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so happy to see Christmas decorations go up, even if many people have put them up earlier than normal. I usually get a little annoyed when I see decorations going up too early but hey, it’s 2020. The Christmas lights pictured here are part of a public display that I spotted at the roadside about a week ago.

Christmas lights reflected in a puddle
Our Christmas decorations went up slightly earlier than normal this year but hey, it’s 2020, right?

Having spotted these lights, I went on a small adventure a few days later to get this image. The lights were strung up in a tree next to a pond. When I drove past the first time, I couldn’t help noticing the reflection of the lights in the pond’s water. They looked stunning and I thought it would make for a superb long-exposure photograph.

I had this kind of image in mind and so I decided to return with my camera. When I did, I discovered it was all a trick of the eye!

There was absolutely no way I could get the image I wanted without risking death and setting up my tripod in the middle of a busy A-road. Realising I couldn’t make the image a reality, I decided to head home, but as I made my way to the driver’s door of the car, I saw this reflection in a puddle.

It’s not the glamorous image I was hoping to take, but the lights are nicely framed in the water and there’s quite a bit of detail in the tree. In a quirky way, I think it works. I’ve done two versions, the top one is colour and the one below is black and white.

A black and white image of Christmas lights reflected in a puddle.
A black and white version of the image at the top of this page.

Getting back to the issue of Christmas decorations, have you put yours up yet? Our tree has been up for a week so far and my kids and I will be belatedly making Advent calendars later today. This year will be a Christmas like no other, but I think that could make it all the more special.

A note for any photographers or bloggers reading this. I’ve added this post to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by Darren Coleshill’s wonderful photography blog. You can visit yourself by following this link.

15 thoughts on “The Christmas decorations are up”

  1. Its a great photo John. We stuck it out until the 1st with our decorations. I have a few additions to my outside lights but just waiting on some new extension leads so I can finish them off.

    1. Best of luck finishing off th eoutside lights. Our places looks rather like an airport runway at the moment with all the light son the outside!

  2. That is a very cool photo! Strangely, It reminds me of Suzanne’s recent photo of the development in the water in Dubai! We haven’t got our Christmas tree up yet, it will probably go up today (12th). I get really grumpy about people putting decorations up early, even though I realise it’s none of my business! I’ve let it go this year because I understand why people want them up early. It hasn’t made me change though!

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