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The Lion King, ELton John, Circle of Life
Go on, admit it, this picture makes you want to sing doesn’t it?


You know that song from the Lion King; Circle of Life? I find it exceptionally irritating. It may irritate me simply because Elton John’s delivery is so nasal and it’s a long way from his finest hour (hardly Rocket Man is it?). Even so, I have, for some bizarre reason, recently found myself wanting to burst into song and sing The Circle of Parenting.

This desire to burst into song usually happens in the relative privacy of the car so you are unlikely to hear it. In fact I have, thus far, managed to keep this urge under control so this aural weapon of mass destruction has never been unleashed on the world.

What’s inspired this desire? It’s Toddler Adams. More specifically, her birthday party.

Her third birthday is on the horizon. She’s reached an age where she’s started making her first proper friendships. These are mostly kids who attend her nursery (she goes a few hours a week, always in the mornings).

Prior to issuing invites, I’ve had to decipher who is a friend, and who is a kid that she talks about a lot, but has only met once. For the first time, this is bringing me into proper contact with other mums and dads at the nursery (okay, I admit it, it’s actually only bringing me into contact with the mums but that’s an occupational hazard of being a stay at home dad).

I remember this happening when Helen, her older sister, reached a similar age. She was beginning to make friends and my wife and I were beginning to meet and get to know some of the mums and dads. Here we are a few years later, a different child at a different nursery and yet the circle is beginning again.

Of course this is just one example of the circle of parenting happening again. This time next year we’ll be filling in the application forms for Toddler Adams’ school place. She’s also showing signs of wanting to read and write, just as her older sister did at this age.

Oh yes, this is familiar territory. We’re going through it all over again, only this time with a little more experience to call upon.

Twinkly Tuesday


11 thoughts on “The Circle of Parenting”

  1. It’s amazing how these things just keep coming round, isn’t it? With only two school years between my younger two it feels like we’ve just finished one thing and then it starts up again. Good luck with the party and the friends!
    (And keep on singing in the privacy of your own car!)

    1. You have teenagers. You must have seen this so much more than I have. Rest assured, I will keep my singing to myself.

  2. Oh no, I’m now going to have that song stuck in my head for the next 35 years! What you say is very true though. Sometimes it’s like living in a constant state of deja vu. I hope you invited all the right people to the party! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. At least I’m not alone then. Thankfully we have a few year’s experience to call upon while organising the party.

  3. Zach is exactly the same age so I completely understand. This is only the first time we are doing it though! He is forming real friendships at nursery. We didn’t have friends party this year for him so I didn’t have to go through the awkwardness of who to invite! But we too will be applying for school this time next year…god damn it goes so quick! I hope to go through it all again one day too! Thanks so much for linking up with #Twinklytuesday

  4. Im loving the fact that you have this in head, 1st couple of weeks with toddler I was always singing circle of life to myself, obviously it’s a very annoying song. I’m still on number 1 but 2 is on its way so will keep this in mind when times are tough!

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