Two socks…and a colander

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This photograph reveals a completely random parenting moment. As you can see, it is a colander containing a pair of Toddler Adams’ socks.

The randomness of this collection of objects struck me as very amusing. I have no idea why she decided to take her socks off, place them in a colander and transport this precious cargo from the kitchen to the living room, but this is what she appears to have done.

It reminded me of an occasion I went to collect Helen, our oldest child, from nursery when she was about three years of age. She wasn’t wearing any shoes and so I asked her to go and find them.

Helen ran off to one side of the nursery where there was a toy washing machine and pulled one shoe out of it. She then ran off in the other direction to where there was a toy oven. She opened it up and retrieved her other shoe from inside. Goodness knows what she was doing placing her shoes in such disparate places but it did make me laugh.

What random stories have you got about your own children? Where have they hidden socks / shoes / mobile phones / money? Leave a comment below, I’d be interested to hear your story.

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23 thoughts on “Two socks…and a colander”

  1. I thought the colander would be something to do with eclipse watching when I first saw it!
    My younger son is incapable of keeping his socks on when he’s in the house and they’re usually down settees and in the corners of rooms – it’s no wonder I struggle to match them up (although he is the owner of the legendary five complete pairs of Angry Bird socks, which was an event as rare as the eclipse!).

  2. Adventures of a Novice Mum

    lol … children hey; with them there’s joy in the really random and absurd. We’re still early on our children randomness road but I find my boy’s mannerisms hillarious. He will forever battle with his mouth and teeth to remove his gloves. O well …
    Thanks for sharing and for commenting no my post 🙂 #aNoviceMumcommentluv

  3. My girls are obsessed with playing with the colander but very rarely do I find a pair of socks in it

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Hehe the places socks show up in the house! During a walk this afternoon my son got a very muddy sock when his welly came out in a muddy stream – of course as soon as we got home these socks were taken off and left on the sofa!

  5. Hilarious parenting picture! I had one throw a cellphone in the trash once . . . which was not discovered until too late. Another one was hidden in the china cabinet and didn’t turn up for weeks.

  6. I once found a pair of my daughters knickers in the back of the car. When I asked her how they got there she informed she had taken them off the other day because they were ‘annoying’.


  7. Socks in a colander; sometimes toddler logic is so illogical you just can’t begin to try and join up the dots!
    My boy once took his father’s glasses and added them to his tea-set. By the time we worked out his (lack of) logic it was too late and Daddy had already purchased a new pair of glasses!!
    It’s a very cute capture

  8. I find socks everywhere they are not supposed to be, and never where they are. My 8yo runs out of them every few days, I have no idea what he does with them, but no matter how often I wash them he can never find a clean pair…!

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