Five places to visit in London

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With the long summer break soon to be upon us, many of you might be planning a trip to London with the children. Listed below are five destinations you may want to think about visiting.

Before considering that, how are you going to travel to the city? Most people would use public transport. If you’re travelling as a large group, you may have to drive.

The Golden Hynde
The stunning Golden Hinde. A must see while in London (see below). Photo credit: Jose L Marin

If you fall into the latter category, remember there is a congestion charge zone in the central part of the city which you will need to pay if you enter into it. Don’t be put off by London’s reputation for hardened drivers, it is not that bad.

Before hitting the city, you may want to consider having your car’s tyres checked by a company like Point S. The city’s streets can be tough on them plus, should you happen to be driving a long way, you may save money if poor quality tyres are replaced before making the journey.

Enough about the travel arrangements. Here are some places you might want to visit.

Buckingham Palace

The façade of Buckingham Palace is world famous and kids from all over the world as well as the rest of the UK will be familiar with it. However, seeing the palace as you drive down the Mall towards it is a different experience altogether. Who knows, perhaps the Queen will be at home?

The Peter Pan Statue

This is something that children who are familiar with J M Barrie’s most famous creation will be delighted to see. Whether they know of Peter Pan through Barrie’s work or from the many movie adaptations, the statue really brings the character to life for kids. It is located in Kensington Gardens which is worth a visit in its own right and has plenty to entertain children.

HMS Belfast

This warship is moored on the south bank of the Thames, between London Bridge and Tower Bridge. Children will find it a fascinating thing to see. The ship saw battle in the Second World War and was involved in the sinking of the German battle cruiser Scharnhorst. As well as viewing it from land, you can also go aboard and explore it as a museum. There are nine decks that you can discover on board this ship – each one revealing another part of its rich history.

The Royal Observatory

Head to Greenwich where there is a lot to see and do for children. The Old Royal Observatory is just down the road from the National Maritime Museum, for example. The observatory marks the spot where the concept of Greenwich Mean Time began. It was founded way back in 1675 by King Charles II. Kids like to stand on the meridian, straddling both hemispheres of the globe in one go.

The Golden Hinde

Situated on a site near to Southwark Cathedral and overlooking the Thames, the Golden Hinde is a great reproduction of Sir Francis Drake’s famous vessel. Drake circumnavigated the globe in the original. If your children like the idea of exploring the high seas and piracy, then there are few better places you could choose to go and see. Kids are usually surprised by how incredibly small it is considering how far it went.

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