Windy afternoon in Brighton #MySundayPhoto

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This image was taken in Brighton last Sunday. As you can see, both my girls were mesmerised as the waves came crashing into the beach. It was a very windy day and so they were coming in with incredible force, more so than I’ve ever seen in Brighton before.

We hadn’t actually been intending to go to Brighton. Mrs Adams had to return to Scotland for a couple of days and so I had the kids on my own. To keep them entertained, I decided to take them to Hever Castle, where we have annual membership. Alas, we turned up to discover it was closed!

I was about to turn round and head off home, but looked into the back seat at their little faces and just couldn’t it. On a whim, I decided we’d head to the coast. It was cold, windy and occasionally wet but we had great fun walking along the seafront, visiting the fishing museum and getting warm in a beachfront café drinking hot milk.


20 thoughts on “Windy afternoon in Brighton #MySundayPhoto”

  1. It’s a fab photo and I love the sepia effect. I’m always jealous of people’s seaside photos in winter, but it’s never something we actually do ourselves (the fact that it’s an hour to the nearest beach isn’t much of an incentive!).

  2. They do look transfixed. I get a bit nervous watching crashing waves. I think it’s got something to do with me not being a very good swimmer. Great effect, makes it look like a flashback pic from ages ago.

  3. What a brilliant photo, captured the waves just right. It’s great living close to the beach to be able to go all year round, its still pretty lovely in winter! Were in Dorset so have that luxury too! #mysundayphoto

  4. I used to love doing that with my eldest 2. Can’t really do it now, as my youngest would be in the sea before I could catch him lol.
    Stuff memories are made of x

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