The world’s weirdest concept cars

Within the next few months, we’re going to be getting a new car. We have seriously outgrown the little hatchback we bought shortly after Izzy was born and need something with more space. In fact, just yesterday I took our eldest, Helen and a friend cycling and struggled to get two bikes and two children in the car.

Nonetheless, I was even more surprised when I saw the below infographic, sent to me by vehicle leasing specialist The infographic shows some of the world’s weirdest concept cars.

The thing that struck me was how unappealing they all are to the family market. I barely got two kids and two bikes in a standard hatchback so how anyone with a Peugeot Moovie or a Honda Fuya-Jo I’ll never know. As for the Aurora Safety Car, well, it looks like a Batmobile rip-off.

Remember, however, that these were concept cars. They may not have gone into production, but top marks for trying something new!


concept cars, worlde's weirdest concept cars, Vertulease


concept cars, world's weirdest concept cars, Vertulease,

Vertulease,, concept cars, world's weirdest concept cars


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