5 Critical Car Tyre Maintenance Tips For Busy Dads

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Whether you are a dad who is running his kids from Dunfermline to Dundee for a sports meeting or a father who needs to drive his children from London to Birmingham for a comic book convention, for example, there can be little doubt that family cars often come in for quite a lot of punishment. Nowhere is this more noticeable than on a car’s tyres. Given that the state of the roads in much of the UK – from the A91 north of the border to the A303 West Country road in southern England – isn’t as good as it might be, anything from uneven surfaces to deep potholes can cause tyre damage. Nevertheless, many busy dads just don’t have the time to constantly check their car’s tyre for wear, even if they are ferrying their most precious cargo – their children – around. What should you be doing to ensure your car tyres are safe for both you and your passengers? Read on to find out.

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Always look after your car’s tyres

1. Check the Inflation Level of Your Tyres

To begin with, far too many motorists fail to keep their tyres properly inflated. If your tyres have been pumped up too much, then only part of the tread will retain optimal contact with the road’s surface. This means you cannot corner or brake as effectively as you might. On the other hand, under-inflated tyres slew out as the weight of the car and its occupants weigh down on them. This means handling is worsened and you’re more likely to have an accident as you won’t be able to stop in time if you encounter a problem. Pump your tyres to the recommended level every few thousand miles and keep your kids safe.

2. Confirm the Tread Depth

Just a minute or two with a 20p coin is enough to confirm your tyres have sufficient tread left. Insert the coin into the tread. When looking from the side, if you can still see the rim, then the tread is too low and no longer legal. Don’t risk it even if you don’t have your children in the car with you. Replace any tyres even if most of the tread is okay and only one section is worn down. Busy dads should know that online ordering now makes it much easier to secure the replacement tyres they want even before they head to the fitting centre. You can also get new tyres in Kirkcaldy by ordering them online at Fife Autocentre.

3. Look for Sidewall Damage

Whether you live in Saint Andrews or St Ives, tyres are also unroadworthy if their sidewalls have gouges or bulges. If you notice these issues, then it could mean that a tyre is about to blow as it is starting to come apart under the pressure from within. If it did this while a child was standing nearby, then it could lead to a serious injury so replace any such tyres without delay.

4. Don’t Brake Too Hard

When driving, get into the habit of holding back from the car in front, especially when travelling at speed on a major road, such as the M90 or M1. Doing so will mean you can ease off the accelerator and apply the brake pedal less often. In turn, this places tyres under less strain, helping to preserve their lifespans.

5. Consider Wheel Alignment

Finally, weigh up the merits of having your car’s tracking adjusted. If you feel a pull to one side when driving, then you can usually adjust for this by holding the wheel a little firmer. However, doing so isn’t safe and can lead to drifting, something that is especially problematic when you have little ones in the car with you. Sorting the tracking out will help and also safeguard your tyres from excessive wear.

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