What are LinkedIn connections and how to get them

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LinkedIn is one of the largest and most professional social platforms in the modern Internet space. The resource provides a lot of opportunities for users from different industries and with different goals. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job here, want to become a better-known expert, or promote your company – LI will be the ideal place for these purposes. 

However, its difference from other sites is several options for interactions. That is, here (unlike Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms), you can choose two options for interacting with users – connecting or following. 

What is the difference? Connecting is the establishment of more trusting and professional connections than following. By connecting with someone, both of you’ll be able to see each other’s new updates, vacancies, photos, content, and private publications. Plus you can send easily and simply send messages to them. In turn, following allows you to see the content of other users and some of the information, but the exchange is only in one direction. 

That’s why connections are valued here much more than anything else. They are an indicator that you are trusted, you have useful professional connections, and users want to be in touch with you. But how to get them if you’ve just started your journey on the platform? In this article, we’ll share 2 best ways to get connections you should know about.

  1. Consider investing in your professional account 

It’s no secret that for many years, influencers and entrepreneurs have been using third-party support to expand their presence in social networks. This is normal, and there is something for LI too, namely buying real connections at a fair price, you can check out the offers by following the link: https://viplikes.net/buy-linkedin-connections. Why is this method the first one you should know?

It is the simplest, most efficient, and fastest. And we aren’t exaggerating: in most cases, to establish contact with a large number of users, you need a lot of time and effort. It’s not as easy as getting new subscribers: connections with people show, as we have already mentioned, that they trust you and consider you an expert, but this is not necessary for followers.

Plus, you have the opportunity to get as many interactions as you need right now. Without any restrictions other than those set by the platform itself (that is, no more than 80-100 connections per day). Keep in mind that at the beginning you can have no more than 30,000 connections of 1 degree.

Is the service legal?

 Incentives from decent advertising companies are one hundred percent safe and won’t harm your professional account in any way, because they are genuine. But not all providers that offer such boosts provide high-quality services. That is, under the guise of real connections, they offer fake ones or from computer bots – this is illegal. The security service can start checking your page and even block it.

How to buy profitably and safely? 

Take some time to analyze the site, reviews, and prices. A good website has clear navigation, average market prices, real guarantees, and a support service. So you can easily cure a decent PR company from scammers. You can also check all the details of delivery and provision of services with managers to allay your concerns.

  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags on LI, as on any other social resource, serve as keywords. That is, content on certain topics is ranked with them. Algorithms collect all publications with certain tags in one feed and by entering them, you get the result. It’s the same with users: if they want to see content in a particular industry, all they have to do is use a niche tag. 

From the point of view of obtaining new interactions, they are no less effective than other ways. There are two most effective options through hashtags : 

  • Add keywords to your content. If you’ve already started writing any posts, that’s awesome. But do it wisely. Every time you post a new post, add your niche hashtag to search for. This way you can attract a new audience. If your content seems interesting, valuable, and of high quality to users, you’ll receive new connections. 
  • Find posts through tags and start a conversation. This strategy is ideal for those who haven’t yet started creating their own content but want to show their expertise. As an example, you can find posts via the #b2b tag and leave your comment under the two to three most popular posts to find your audience. When users enter into a conversation with you, continue it, and you’ll probably be able to get new valuable interactions and expand your network.

Final words 

Well, now you have an idea of what connection is and how to get them easily and quickly. Try these methods – they are universal for both beginners and experienced users. Good luck!

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