Anticipation; a positive emotion

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This post has been written specifically for The Prompt creative writing linky. The prompt word was ‘anticipation’. I have also added it to #TheList linky.

The airport arrivals lounge. Turn the anticipation levels up to 11. Pic credit below.

Try as I might, I have, for the third week running, failed to write any fiction, which is what I like to do when participating in #ThePrompt.

Since the publication of my book, I have been swamped. It’s not just being short of time, but the fact I need a clear head to write prose.

I’m still very busy following up various avenues and I seem to have a constant ‘to do’ list of tasks whirling round my head. This mind set does not help me think creatively.

Even so, the prompt word has inspired me. I associate it with many things, including the following;

  • Waiting at the airport lounge arrivals hall for my wife, or a relative who lives overseas that I rarely see
  • Hearing about my eldest daughter’s day at school when I collect her in the afternoon or about my youngest daughter’s morning at nursery (if it’s one of the mornings she attends)
  • The email confirming some lucrative work has come my way
  • The taste of a good, single malt whisky or a really good French wine
  • My wife getting home slightly earlier than usual to help with cooking dinner of putting the kids to bed
  • The hope for bright sunshine and a blue sky on a spring morning

Looking at that list, I note it is the very simple things I anticipate most. It reminds of something the great humourist, writer and religionist Rabbi Lionel Blue once said. I paraphrase, but he said he could find happiness in a “bowl of custard or a good game of bridge.” Often the smallest things are most important.

For me anticipation is mostly positive. I think I anticipate the good things and dread the bad. I also anticipate that one day soon I will find the time to do some creative writing again.


Pic credit: Brian Robert Marshall. Sourced from Geograph.co.uk and reproduced under Creative Comons agreement.

19 thoughts on “Anticipation; a positive emotion”

  1. I think I share the same sentiment regarding anticipation: that the simplest things are the ones I anticipate happening the most–like my husband getting home from work, or my daughter waking from a nap in the afternoon. I hope you find inspiration to write creatively again as well. I understand how difficult it is to not only find the time, but the right mindset as well. Hopefully, it’ll come for you soon 🙂

  2. That’s a great list and you’re right, it is the simple things that are most valued. I love the feeling you get at the airport when you are waiting to go on holiday. Reading that has made me look forward to our trip next month. Hope you get chance to write some fiction soon – we miss you!

  3. Hannah Budding Smiles

    The simple things give life meaning, I think you seem to anticipate all the right things and it’s a really healthy list. #TheList

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