Baby Change Facility of the Week No4

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After a couple of poor examples, here we have one of the the most impressive baby change facilities I have ever seen. This one comes from Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport and the attention to detail is to be applauded. In fact I was so impressed with this room I had to take a panoramic picture (please excuse the picture quality, it isn’t the best). Let’s start before you even get through the door. The room was clearly marked with gender neutral signage. It was also in an easy-to-locate space alongside the lavatories and disabled facilities.

Although a designated baby change facility, I think this is made more along the lines of the ‘family room’ concept you’d find in some modern buildings. This is maybe not too surprising considering Terminal 5’s relatively young age.

The room itself was huge, easily big enough to fit a double buggy. In addition to the table and sink etc it also had a seat for any nursing mothers / bottle feeding dads (you can just see it in the right hand corner). Unfortunately a previous user had left some paper on the change table but it was otherwise spotless.

What you also can’t see in the photo is a vending machine selling nappies. There was also piped music. Okay, so that could be a blessing or a curse, but when was the last time you stumbled across a change facility that serenaded you as you cleaned your child’s bottom?

Let’s face it, Heathrow Airport isn’t exactly an oasis of calm. This little spot, however, was a delight to visit. It’s also refreshing to see such a high quality facility that’s clearly been made available for mums and dads.

I give this a 9.5 out of 10. What do you think? Would you rate it highly or do you have other opinions?

2 thoughts on “Baby Change Facility of the Week No4”

  1. I have been there! I found it gloomy and very very smelly. Not as nice as your visit!
    Have you been to the States with your little one? Pretty much every changing room you use in the UK, by contrast, is a blessing. It’s dire there!

    1. Trust me, I never expected to find THIS in Heathrow Airport. I expected much worse so this came as a major and pleasant surprise. As it happens we haven’t taken either of our kids to the US yet but we have family out there so it will happen at some point. Thanks for commenting.

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