Baby change facility of the week No6

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Baby change facility of the week No6 was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

For this week’s baby change facility is another from the tourist trap town of Bourton on the Water in the Cotswolds. Unlike the last one that I featured from Bourton, this is an example of very good practice.

This particular facility was found in The Model Village, one of the many attractions popular with tourists that call in to Bourton on coach tours. I fully expected to find there were no baby change facilities at all so swaggered off in the general direction of the lavatories preparing for the worst. To my great surprise, I found this.

The photograph, a quick snap on my iPhone, doesn’t do this particular facility justice. This is a dedicated room that isn’t in a lavatory so it’s available for mums or dads to use and it was absolutely, totally, completely and utterly spotless. It wasn’t the largest space but it was big enough and I think you would have got a pushchair in there with ease.

As you can see it had a wall mounted change table, bin and just creeping into the picture on the bottom right is a sink. There was also a mirror and as you can see, a radiator to provide some warmth. Bearing in mind this is quite a basic tourist attraction tucked away behind a pub, I was impressed.

I’m going to give this a seven out of ten. Bearing in mind the poor example I’d seen in Bourton previously, I was delighted to see someone else in the town getting it right.

Over to you dear reader. What do you think? More importantly, have you found fantastic baby change facilities where you least expected?


7 thoughts on “Baby change facility of the week No6”

  1. Our youngest of 5 is now 15 so no need for baby changing facilities anymore, however our eldest child is profoundly disabled, when we lived in the UK we timed our trips out around her toilet needs, as by the age off 22 there was no way we could change her in public, however for the last 4 years since living in South Africa, when we visit the UK we have no base to take her to from her care home and it’s a night mare. Usually the supermarkets in Gloucester, where she lives have suitable baby changing rooms we can use, however we do tend to get yelled at by parents with babies who state we can use the disabled toilets to change her, but there’s no changing table in them to put her nappy and clothes on and we’d rather not put them on the floor.

    1. Now THIS is interesting. Many a time I have had to accompany my eldest to the lavatory. More often than not, I am put in the awkward position of taking her to the disabled facilities. It’s out of necessity but it makes me feel very awkward because I always find myself wondering what a disabled individual (or family / carers responsible for a disabled individual) would make of us doing this. It’s really not an ideal situation.

      The situation with your daughter doesn’t sound straightforward at all. I would like to think most parents would be understanding of your daughter and her needs.

      1. I’m back in the UK for a couple of weeks and will be blogging about disabled toilet facilities and access to facilities with our daughter while we are here, I certainly won’t be visiting towns like Bath (over crowded) and Monmouth (shops too small) with her. Trips out tend to involve supermarkets where the floor is even and you can guarantee they have toilets

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