See you at BlogOn Xmas!

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I have some exciting news to share! I am going to be speaking at the BlogOn Xmas Conference next week.

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Hope to see you next Sunday at Blog On Xmas!

I’ll be speaking during Session Three on the subject of Blog / Life balance. If you are going to be at the conference, I hope you can come along (it takes place next Sunday in Manchester although tickets are sold out I’m afraid).

I think there are various elements to striking a balance that I will explore during the session. The first one is managing your time. Any experienced blogger will tell you it can be a struggle.

Writing blog posts is the easy part. It’s the ‘blogmin’ that takes all the effort! I’ll outline how I manage my time and I think you may be surprised by how little I rely on technology to achieve this.

For those that make the majority of their income from blogging, I’ll ask whether it would be better to refer to work / life balance? There is, I feel, an interesting discussion to be had around this point.

I shall also give my opinions on what is appropriate and inappropriate to share online. As mum and dad bloggers, we share aspects of our family lives, but what personal information should we share? Are there, for instance, photographs that we should keep private?

I shall provide hints and tips that I have garnered from internet security experts to ensure you don’t share too much. I’ll tell you now, one piece of advice I have been given has left me speechless!

I’ll look at keeping your blog authentic. The Instamum and Instadad phenomena is, I feel, a real issue. You obviously want to present yourself positively online, but has your online persona strayed too far from real life?

I’m really looking forward to attending, let alone speaking. It will be the first Blog On I have attended and Manchester is a city that I love. I lived up in Northern England for a sizable chunk of my twenties and I was a regular visitor.

I will be at the pre-show party on Saturday night. I hope to catch you there but if I don’t, I hope you can come to my session.


4 thoughts on “See you at BlogOn Xmas!”

  1. I look forward to seeing you there, John. It was a great event last year and promises to be so again. It’ll be good to hear your thoughts on work-life balance too – this is something I’m still struggling with despite being my own boss for a couple of years!

    1. Ha ha, work / life balance is a perennial struggle, yes? I’ll tell you how I handle things, although you do have more kids than me so it’s possibly a bigger struggle in your household.

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