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Dads Don’t Babysit, Towards Equal parenting: A good read?

Every now and again, someone produces a book about fatherhood and parenting that genuinely gets me excited. Dads Don’t Babysit Towards Equal parenting, the work of writing duo and fathers David Freed and James Millar is one such title.

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Dads Don’t Babysit Towards Equal Parenting. Was I right to feel excited about this title?

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The latest brand ambassador for Pampers is…..a dad!

Have you seen the news? Pampers has just appointed a new brand ambassador. This, in itself, is not particularly newsworthy but the individual in question is a man.

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Tom Daley, new dad, World Champion diver, Olympian and the latest brand ambassador for Pampers. Yes, my kids’ nursery looked just like this one when they were younger.

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The Interchangeable Parent and what happens when dad does the childcare

The world has gone mad for shared parental leave (SPL). Thanks to the Government’s #sharetheleave campaign and the Women and Equalities Committee’s intervention, SPL has been making the headlines a great deal recently.

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What exactly happens when a man becomes the main carer for his kids? Research from Surrey University shines a light on what can happen and I found it enlightening and worrying in equal measures. It seems dads sometimes need help to become truly interchangable parents.

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Cash or Carry? The lack of flexible working for mums and dads

The past few days have been a little testing. Last Thursday evening, my eldest daughter was complaining of feeling sick and the next morning she felt worse and had a temperature, so she didn’t go into school. It was just a little bug and she fine was by Saturday.

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Greater flexibility in the workforce would help fathers, mothers, children and employers.

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When Helen recognised gender inequality for the first time

“It’s not fair daddy,” said Helen. “Only two girls got to join and the other 12 are boys.”

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Helen complains about gender inequality for the first time. Handling it has led me to question my approach to certain aspects of parenting.

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