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Planning childcare over the summer break

With every day that passes, we’re getting better prepared for the moment Izzy starts school. Last week we bought the uniform and shoes, she’s had a settling in day and we’ve had a few conversations about what to expect. Despite these preparations, one or two unforeseen circumstances have arisen. One of these unforeseen circumstances: Planning childcare for Izzy over the summer holidays.

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With Izzy starting school in September, there’s less pressure to keep her in childcare. Hopefully this will make it easier to organise days out and have fun as a family. Pic credit: Delfi de la Rua

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Reflections on the pre-school years

As my youngest daughter inches towards the end of her time at nursery and pre-school, I’ve been reflecting on the experiences Izzy has had. All things considered, it’s been very different to her older sister.

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Izzy’s experiences of nursery and pre-school have been very different to her sisters.

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A tour around the website

One of the big challenges of being a parent is finding a good childcare provider. Whether it’s a babysitter or a pre-school, finding someone you trust with your offspring can be difficult.

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Finding a good childcare provider can be difficult but can help. Pic credit: Markus Spiske.

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Introducing the first ever Working Dad of the Year!

It’s not always easy being a working dad. We all know that within many couples, both partners have to work.

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Winner of the first ever Working Dad of the Year Award, Han-Son Lee.

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The real financial cost of childcare

We all know childcare is expensive. I, however, have decided to find out just how expensive by working out how much my family has spent over the past eight years.

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I’ve worked out how much my family has spent on childcare over the past eight years. It is, frankly, terrifying.

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