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Coming to terms with my youngest child starting school

I’m not sure if such a thing exists, but I’m suffering from a state of emotional confusion. Maybe melancholy would a better word?

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It’s hard to believe, pictured here visiting family when she still needed a highchair, has just started school.

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Where is the flexible childcare?

Just as my youngest daughter is leaving pre-school, I have realised something, something I should have noticed years ago. Namely, flexible childcare is very hard to arrange within the UK.

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Helen and Izzy wave goodbye to the White Cliffs of Dover while we go on a day trip to France. Trying to arrange the odd hald day or day of childcare during the school holidays, however, has been problematic.

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How children cope with change

If there’s a lesson I’ve just learned, it’s that you can never tell how your children are going to cope with change or react to a new situation. Take yesterday, for example. It was Izzy’s last day at pre-school.

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A photo of Izzy around the time she started pre-school. She’s now preparing for the transition to reception class.

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Friendships: When another one bites the dust

When I was a kid, I once got in huge trouble for writing in the family’s address book in pen. I’d specifically been instructed by my mother to update it in pencil and both she and my stepfather were forthright in expressing their disapproval of my actions.

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An address book with details of old friends crossed out. It’s a consequence of having a busy family life.

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Nursery and pre-school’s greatest hits

We’re into the summer holidays and every day that passes, Izzy gets closer to starting school and slowly but surely, she is disengaging from pre-school. We’ve already been through this with Helen, but now it’s the turn of her younger sister.

I’ve been reminiscing about the many years my kids have spent attending nursery and pre-school. I’ve got some really happy memories of their time in childcare. I’ve also got some not so happy memories.

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This is a picture of Helen taken a week before the infamous hair cutting incident. Scroll down to see what a couple of her nursery friends did to her hair.

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