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Balancing work and family life; the employer’s role

The Great Business Debate is a Confederation of British Industry (CBI) led campaign designed to build public confidence in business. It was launched following the financial crisis when UK plc realised it had something of an image problem.The aims are to: Give businesses a chance to set out the contribution they make to society Encourage

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Discussing family friendly, flexible working with Nick Clegg

The other day I received a slightly cryptic email. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg would be giving a briefing at the headquarters of professional services giant Deloitte. He would also be speaking to parents working for Deloitte and the event would be used as an opportunity to call on businesses to implement family friendly, flexible

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Childcare, testicles and the Deputy PM’s wife

You probably don’t want to think about this too much, but us fathers that actively do childcare are receiving conflicting information about the size of our testicles. Yes, that’s right, looking after your children can apparently affect the size of your balls. Last September, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a report stating

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You what, more men working in childcare?

I don’t wish to get too excited, but over the past year I’ve noticed increasing debate within the childcare industry about the role of men. In short, there seems to be a consensus that more male practitioners are needed in the workforce. Just to give you some idea of the gargantuan task the industry faces,

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How not to treat conjunctivitis

There is no point to this blog post. It is not a call to action or a demand that policy makers do stuff to make life for parents easier. It is simply a tale of how I struggled to get my daughter some basic medical treatment when she caught conjunctivitis. Crucially, it is not a

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