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The ideal adult to child ratio

  I want to ask a random question of you guys. What is the ideal adult to child ratio if you wish to; a) have a relaxing time in adult company while b) letting your children play and mingle with friends? The magic figure I’ve heard is two adults to four children. Aside from the

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Background checks on childcare providers; what do you do?

Here’s a question for you. Okay, it’s not so much a question but a series of questions. Do you ever use some kind of childcare provider, be it a childminder, nanny, pre-school or nursery? If so, have you ever checked the business’s Ofsted registration? Have you asked to see an individual’s Disclosure and Baring Service

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Nap time; all good things come to an end

I knew we would reach this point. I also knew, now Toddler Adams is three years of age, that it would be sooner rather than later. Yes, that’s correct, afternoon nap time has officially and quite suddenly come to an end. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was collecting Elizabeth from

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Childcare costs aren’t child’s play

For some of us, the kids have returned to school and a sense of normality has returned to the family home. For working parents, the costs of providing childcare during the break may also have left them with a large overdraft. In this guest post, Money Plus blogger Julie Hutchison turns her mind to childcare

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Guest post; Is nursery right if you’re a SAHP?

Tracy Fletcher is author of the My Working Mummy blog, her diary of a working mum aged 44 (and counting). A relative newcomer to the blogging scene, Tracy’s blog was inspired by leaving behind a senior corporate career to be, first and foremost, a mum. In this guest post, she shares her search for a

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