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Some thoughts on the ‘State of the World’s Fathers’ report

Today is a significant day for anyone interested in fatherhood and gender equality. Why is it so important? Well, the first ever State of the World’s Fathers (SOWF) report has been published. This is a study overseen by MenCare, an organisation active in 30 countries and backed by the United Nations. MenCare’s mission is to;

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Parents; join the Retire Savvy ‘Retirement Revolution’

I have a question for mums and dads that may be reading this, especially those that have young children. Do you ever take a moment out form your hectic life to think about retirement? It’s a subject I think us parents can be guilty of ignoring. We’re so busy dealing with the kids, paying for

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Childcare is not a women’s issue

  I am today full of angst. The reason is this news report on the BBC website about UKIP’s attempts to reach out to women. The fact it’s an announcement by UKIP doesn’t help my angst. My real objection, however, is to the idea that any political party would consider childcare a women’s issue.

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Clothes suitable for nursery. Am I wrong not to care?

Mrs Adams and I have the occasional, shall we say, “discussion” when it comes to my approach to dressing the children. I’m very practically minded and will put them in clothes that are rugged or, if I know they will be playing outside, something a little past its best. Mrs Adams doesn’t always agree with

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The guilt of the non working parent

My youngest daughter has reached a point where she is much more self-aware and increasingly understands the world around her. This has manifested itself in a way that breaks my heart and makes me feel a little guilty as a non working parent. This is a topsy-turvy family. My wife, Gill, works full time while

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