Days out and travel

Write ups of some our favourite family days out. Also, some articles about our experiences of travelling as a family and how you can make travelling with children that bit easier.

A woodland scene

In a scene replicated in many households during half-term, granny came to visit. During her all-too brief stay, we went out and visited Leith Hill, a National Trust site near Dorking in Surrey.

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Sometimes simple scenes make for the best photographs. This woodland scene, for instance, really appealed to me.

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An autumn walk that paid well for Helen

“Daddy, I don’t want to go for a walk,” said Izzy. We’d spent most of the day inside either doing domestic chores or at Helen’s gymnastics class. being a beautiful autumn day, I wanted the kids and I to get out and enjoy some fresh air, hence why I insisted we go for a walk. As you can tell from Izzy’s response, she wasn’t so keen on the idea.

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Pouring the perfect pint of Ember Inns pale ale

I’ve been set numerous challenges during my life. Most have involved studying or passing exams or some kind of sporting feat. None of the challenges I’ve been set, however, have been as appealing as attempting to pour the perfect pint.

Could I pour the perfect pint at the White Lion pub? Also, do I make for a good Danny Dyer?

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A visit to Techniquest in Cardiff

As the school summer holidays entered their final couple of weeks, I asked the kids if there was anything they particularly wanted to do. The response took me by surprise: “We want to visit Wales.” Earlier this week I took it upon myself to fulfill this slightly surprising wish. Before heading on to Porthcawl for a night, we spent a morning in Cardiff where I took these pictures at Techniquest on Cardiff Bay.

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One of the displays at the Techniquest Science Centre at Cardiff Bay. That’s a ball of air slowly rising in a chamber of viscous oil.

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Organising a day out using the Trainline app

Disclosure: This is a commissioned post produced in association with Trainline.

As a family, we tend to travel quite a bit. We have relatives in various locations across the UK and so we’re often catching trains to London, Scotland and the Cotswolds. During holiday periods, we travel even more and so we’re frequently on the look-out to find the most cost-effective rail tickets.

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I had used the Trainline app in the past, but never to its full potential.

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