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News and opinion about family finances. Also hints and tips about how to manage finances and what you should be considering as a mum or dad.

The Dadindex Report: How dads spend their money and time

I have long been curious about the amount of purchasing power that dads have. How much do they spend on their kids and how much influence do they have on consumer purchases within the home? Conventional wisdom would suggest a dad’s influence was quite low but a new report called the Dadindex suggests otherwise.

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One of the key findings in the Dadindex: Dads spend £6,000 a year on activities with their children. This begs the question as to whether the marketing world recognises the strength of the Dad Pound?

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Ice, a new kind of reward scheme

Most people are members of reward schemes of one form or another. New to the market is a reward scheme called Ice that doesn’t just enable you to build up and spend points with many family-focused retailers, it also helps you do your bit for the environment at the same time.

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The Ice reward scheme. Earn and spend points while you shop, safe in the knowledge the retailer has had its environmental credentials checked.

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Worrying about life insurance? The Post Office has it covered.

When a baby arrives on the scene, mum and dad have a huge amount to worry about. It’s quite understandable, especially if it’s their first child.

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Here I am with a very young Izzy. When she was born, I was thinking about many other things aside from life insurance.

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The cost of family life

A dad I know  once gave me a fascinating insight into the true cost of family life. He was reeling off a list of items he was buying his teenage kids for Christmas.

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You expect babies to be expensive, but I’m sure the cost of family life is greater when your children are in school. Photo credit: Mrs Adams

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Groupon: There’s an online discount code for EVERYTHING

When you think about online discount codes, what do you think of? I generally think of cheap hotel deals, maybe money off a meal or getting an electrical item cheaper than on the High Street.

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Doing a spot of online shopping? You can find online discount codes for just about anything on Groupon, saving your family a lot of money. Pic credit: Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

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