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Blog posts related to family health and fitness. Find out how my family and I keep fit and stay healthy. Also, a series of articles focused on men and fathers’ mental health.

From 9-5 burn out to freelance work. Speaking to Alex Hirst of Hoxby Collective

Since I established this blog, I’ve written a lot about how parents are attempting to balance work and family life.

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Alex Hirst, co-founder of the Hoxby Collective of freelancers. Burn-out working 9-5 led Alex to create a more flexible way of making a living by promoting freelance work.

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Meet the dads who left employment to improve their work life balance

This is a public service announcement. I want to let you know about a new series I am about to launch on Dadbloguk  looking at work life balance.

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Expect a series of posts on Dadbloguk looking at dads who have left the workforce and set up on their own because they couldn’t balance work and family life.

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Discussing male thrush with Canesten #canestentalkhealth

When I became a dad to two daughters, I found myself on a steep learning curve. I grew up with brothers so girls’ haircare, clothing and physical development were all a bit of a mystery to me. I learned a lot about these subjects, but one of the issues that blindsided me was thrush.

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As a father of daughters I’ve had to earn a lot about thrush, but as with many men, my knowledge of male thrush could be improved.

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The problem with shared parental leave: No ring-fenced leave for dads

I was minding my own business early yesterday morning, my head full of ideas to entertain my kids on the first day of the half-term break from school. I then spotted a news story on the BBC website. Had I been eating cornflakes at the time I’d have spat them out over my computer monitor in surprise. The news story, you see, was about the Government going on a charm offensive to encourage more men to take shared parental leave.

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Want to encourage more men to take shared parental leave? Well ring-fence some of the leave, and provide it to them on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis.

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Out for a run, with Decathlon

When Izzy started school, I saw it as an opportunity to pay more attention to my wellbeing. I wanted to take more exercise, improve my diet and start getting up at a sensible time each day as I had got into a habit of rising at 5am and this was leaving me feeling very tired.

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The Running Man! Here I am, resplendent in Kalenji long-sleeved running t-shirt from Decathlon. Now Izzy is at school, I’m concentrating more on my health and fitness.

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