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Equal Lives: Men, women, caring responsibilities and the workplace

Trying to balance caring responsibilities with employment is never easy. Going back several years, I had a part time job that I left when my eldest daughter started school. I tried to make it work for several months but my stress levels became worryingly high, despite my employer being very understanding.

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Enjoying Subway NFL Flag

While watching the World Cup with my kids, I faced a few awkward questions from Helen, my eldest daughter. She wanted to know why no women were playing and while I did explain there was a female game, she seemed unconvinced by my explanation, clearly picking up on the comparative lack of razzmatazz surrounding women’s

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Discussing male thrush with Canesten #canestentalkhealth

When I became a dad to two daughters, I found myself on a steep learning curve. I grew up with brothers so girls’ haircare, clothing and physical development were all a bit of a mystery to me. I learned a lot about these subjects, but one of the issues that blindsided me was thrush.

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