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A healthy lifestyle for dad

I’ve had to admit an awkward truth to myself. It’s one many a parent of young children will probably relate to: I need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Making my maiden speech at Westminster

Picture the scene. You’re in a Committee Room in the Palace of Westminster overlooking the River Thames in London. It’s mid-afternoon on an overcast Tuesday in November and it’s already getting dark outside.

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Keeping healthy with MultiVitality Gold

Over recent months I’ve tried out a few different health supplements from Healthspan. These have included a supplement to help your joints when physically active and another one called Energex Plus designed to give you a bit of a boost if you’re feeling fatigued.

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Movember; making a difference to men’s mental health

If I say Movember, what comes to mind? I’ll take a guess you probably think of men growing moustaches throughout the month of November. You may also think of testicular and prostate cancer, as much of Movember’s work goes into raising funds to highlight both these conditions and to support programmes researching treatments and cures. There

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