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Review; Bulldog skincare for men

Bulldog, skincre for men, skincare, men's style, men's fashion, Bulldog is probably one of the better known producers of skincare products for men. It’s products are widely available in high street stores such as Sainsbury’s and Superdrug and they’re not particularly demanding on the wallet.

The company prides itself on using natural ingredients. As it says on the back of every tube and container; “Our products never contain artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or ingredients from animal sources.”

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve given several of the products a go. Here’s what I thought. View Post

Review: Mooshead hair shaping dough and gritty styling clay

Moosehead is an Australian brand. It specialises in hair styling products but it also produces a face wash plus deodorant (although the deodorant is only available in the UK market).

Moosehead, men's style, men's grooming, men's fashion, hair styling, haircare, hair care

Moosehead gritty styling clay and shaping dough. All the way from down under.

I was given the opportunity to test two of its hair care products; shaping dough and gritty styling clay. I hadn’t tested two such similar products at the same time before so was very interested to see how they would compare. I should also point out that these are just two products from the range as there are several. View Post

Moisturiser for men

My name’s John and I’m a moisturising male. In fact I have been for years, but knew very little about moisturiser for men. Wanting to learn more about the subject I asked beauty therapist, soon to be second time mum and blogger Laura Ludlow to write a guest post on the subject. I was delighted when she accepted. Laura’s blog can be found at

moistrier, men's moisturiser, men's style

Self confessed moisturiser enthusiast Laura Ludlow.

It’s not often that I get to blog specifically about MEN and MOISTURISER all in one go so when Dad Blog UK asked me to do a guest post, I leapt at the chance.

Where to start? Well, seeing as this is aimed specifically at men, let’s start with the nitty gritty. Did you know that last year according to Debenhams, men spent 24% more on grooming products than in the previous year. That equates to a market that is worth in excess of £26m a year. In a relatively short space of time (I would say from 2005) men have grabbed the gauntlet and sprinted forward in the male grooming domain. Obviously this is more than just moisturising, but if you are a novice, moisturising is a very good place to start. View Post

Changing bags for men

Shortly after the birth of our second daughter, my wife arrived home with a changing bag. I was somewhat taken about by her choice. She knew full-well I’d be the one looking after the baby and yet this thing wouldn’t have looked too out of place if it appeared in an episode of Sex and the City.

I showed the offending item to a female family friend and she laughed. I knew at that point that I’d have to get a new bag (more about the replacement below). View Post

Men’s style; tailor made suits from Blackpier

Men's style, fashion, tailor made suits, taolr made, custom made, bespoke

That’ll be me, doing a poor James Bond impression.

I’m a big fan of custom and tailor made suits. There’s a misconception that tailored suits are very expensive when you can, in reality, get a basic two-piece suit made up for well under £200. In other words, you can get something made to measure at the same price as your common-or-garden off the peg suit.

I got my first tailored suit nine years ago. It was a very simple, two-piece suit made from a cheap woollen fabric. Even though it’s showing a few signs of wear, I still get comments when I put it on. I was thinking of buying a new suit when I was made aware of Blackpier, a Spanish company that’s operated elsewhere in Europe for a while, but that just taken the plunge into the UK market.

As summer is on the horizon, I was thinking of getting a linen or cotton suit. Blackpier has a cotton option and so I took a gamble and ordered a simple, informal-style cotton suit. View Post