Review; Bulldog skincare for men

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Bulldog, skincre for men, skincare, men's style, men's fashion, Bulldog is probably one of the better known producers of skincare products for men. It’s products are widely available in high street stores such as Sainsbury’s and Superdrug and they’re not particularly demanding on the wallet.

The company prides itself on using natural ingredients. As it says on the back of every tube and container; “Our products never contain artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or ingredients from animal sources.”

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve given several of the products a go. Here’s what I thought.

Original body lotion

Yes, that’s right, a body lotion for men and, I believe, a new addition to the Bulldog range. The lotion contains far too many ingredients to mention but among them is aloe vera, cucumber seed oil and cocoa seed butter. I gave it a really tough test after spending an entire weekend out in the sunshine. I  After such long exposure, the skin on my arms was feeling very tight and dry. I applied the lotion and it worked very well; my skin bounced back beautifully.

If you’re going to use a body lotion, this one is well worth trying. With an RRP of £4.49 for a 200ml tube it’s very competitively priced.

BD_Vis_UK_Tube_100ml_FaceScrub_Orig_copy__23640.1372177649.250.250Original face scrub

I use face scrubs from time to time. Some of them I don’t along with but this was very pleasant to use. It wasn’t particularly oily or leave my skin blotchy as rival products have done.

As it was gentle on my skin, I’d happily stick with this one. Expect to pay £5.79 for a 100ml tube.

Original face wash

The one thing that stands out about this face wash is the very peasant aroma. This is probably down to the green tea and lemon peel oil that are both major ingredients.

Quite whether this or the other products is responsible I don’t know, but my skin has certainly had a healthy glow for days. At just £5.19 for a 175ml tube, it represents great value for money. I’ll no doubt be using this again in future,

BD_Vis_UK_Tube_100ml_Moist_AntiAge_copy__48298.1372177770.250.250Anti-ageing moisturiser

This was my favourite product of the lot. I can’t pretend I’m getting any younger and my face is definitely gaining more lines. This particular moisturiser boasts five essential oils, millet seed and oak apple tannins. Bulldog claims this will deliver visibly younger looking skin in four weeks.

I liked this moisturiser because it had a nice consistency and was very easy to rub into the skin. It wasn’t massively oily and it left my skin feeling very soft all day long. At £10.49 for a 100ml tube it is more expensive than the Bulldog’s Original moistursier, but it is a superior product. I think this may become a staple in the Adams’ bathroom. The only thing to bear in mind is that neither of the Bulldog moisturisers reviewed here contain SPF15 so if you might need something else if it’s a particularly sunny day.

Original moisturiser

I had used this moisturiser in the past so was familiar with it prior to this product test. It features eight essential oils plus green tea, algae and vitamin E. It has a slightly thicker consistency than the Anti-ageing moisturiser.

The RRP is £6.99 for a 100ml tube. I think this stuff is good, but if you can spend the money, go for its big-brother, the Anti-ageing moisturiser.

For more information about Bulldog skincare for men, visit the Bulldog website.

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