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The key to independence

A couple of days ago I was stood in a hardware store getting some keys cut. It had been pouring with rain and I was soaked through and cold. As I handed over the key to be copied, it dawned on me this was a very dull but significant moment. One of the keys, you

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Family Life & parenting

A phrase I’d ban: “It gets easier”

It’s time for me to express an opinion that may not prove all that popular. You know when you have very young children and people tell you; “It gets easier”? Yeah, well, I’m not convinced. No, I’ll go further still. I think it’s a very misleading phrase.

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Emotion Coaching: Q&A with Dr Janet Rose

Dr Janet Rose is probably best known as the principal of Norland College, an institution that is no stranger to this blog (see here and here). Dr Rose also has a wealth of experience in early years education and training and has a particular interest in emotion coaching.

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Dadbloguk Q&A

Dads, period products and Toxic Shock Q&A with Dr Shirin Lakhani

Fathers do not have the practical knowledge required to lead discussions with their children about periods. I’ve paraphrased, but this was a comment recently made to me on social media. While I couldn’t agree with the spirit of the statement, dads simply don’t have the first-hand experience that mums do. I decided to do something

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