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Q&A with Emma Barnett, author of ‘It’s About Bloody Time. Period’.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a couple of interesting tweets from broadcaster and political journalist Emma Barnett. Barnett had just published a book about periods called It’s about Bloody Time. Period. Female friends and colleagues of Barnett’s had gone along to the book’s launch party but many of their male partners hadn’t attended, claiming

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Risk for university Students with Asthma #ad

Every parent of a first-year student can relate to the nagging concern that their child isn’t taking care of their own health. It explains the food parcels, the multi-vitamins posted special delivery and the strict instructions not to drink too much, sleep plenty and phone home when stressed. For most parents, there’s little need for

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Age verification and social media accounts

I was recently having a discussion with someone about online safety and children. As any reader of this blog will know, it’s one of my favourite subjects. As we were chatting, I was asked if I felt social media platforms have a “moral duty” to stop youngsters accessing their services.

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