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Nurturing a healthy attitude to risk in children

I’ve reached a point in my fatherhood journey where I find myself dealing with a very complex issue: Nurturing a healthy attitude to risk in my children. There’s no handbook for this one and I have to be honest, it’s a tricky one.

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Dr Ranj Singh: Book giveaway and Q&A!

Dr Ranj Singh is a well-known face from the television. Over the years, he has combined his experience as a specialist in emergency paediatric medicine with his natural presenting abilities to become the resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning. He’s also presented ITV’s Dr Ranj on Call and Cbeebie’s Get Well Soon and had an

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StarTing secondary school: Advice from the experts

I want you to imagine for a moment that a school teacher, confidence coach and two renowned parenting experts walk in to a bar. They discuss the best ways parents can prepare their children for the transition from primary school to to Year 7. What would the result be? Would they come up with some

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The overprotective dad stereotype: Let’s consign it to history

A man faces a video camera and explains that his daughter is FaceTiming a boy. He has a baseball in his hands and says something about showing this “boy” what he is up against. This overprotective dad then barges into his daughter’s bedroom shouting something inaudible while waving the baseball bat around and trying to

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